How to Sell Used Cars Faster

Car Sale is providing a free services to sell your used cars online. Thousands of people search our online database every month to buy and sell cars. Advertising your cars online on our website is easy and free to sell for UK users. Before you start selling your used cars please keep a few points in mind. We hope these tips will help you in selling your car faster.

1). Don't forget to take some pictures. Take at least fifteen pictures of your vehicle and select seven of them which you think are quality pictures. Transfer these pictures to your pc. Take close pictures of your selling car. Add at least seven pictures in your car advert. Don't take pictures of your car from only one side. Add at least one picture of each side, details given below:

i) Front side of the vehicle, ii) Back side of the vehicle, iii) Both vehicle door sides, iv) Pictures of at least two tyres including arch around the tyres, v) Front vehicle seat area vi) Back vehicle seat area, vii) Vehicle boot area viii) Engine area under the bonnet.

These pictures will give the buyer a good idea about your car condition and what it looks like. This will make your listing more attractive and you can get more hits on your advert. Don't know how to add more than one car images please click here

2) Price is the main factor to sell car. Don't put your price too low or too high. Some sellers think that because this is a free listing website, they tend to put a very high price and as a result buyers are put off because of the high price. Put an average price according to the condition and mileage of the car. If you want to sell your car more faster, drop your price further down to attract more buyers.

3) Description: Write a good explanation about your car which can make your advert more attractive to potential buyers.

4) Contact Details: Provide at least one contact number on which buyers can contact you directly. Don't leave a number with an answer machine on, or don't write down a wrong number, as buyers will think your advert is not a genuine sale.